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Copper Compass

craft distilling co.

Distillery in Southern Maryland | Local Craft Distilling


Before Mojitos, Pina Coladas and Mai-tais were regulars at Tiki Bars— there were rebellions, uprisings and revolutions in the name of America’s First Spirit: Rum.  


At Copper Compass Craft Distilling Co. we honor the  history and the progression that occurs when tradition meets ingenuity. We value continuous education and lean into curiosity. We take pride in life-long learning and invest time in sourcing natural ingredients--all in the name of creating tasty elixirs.



F​rom the time we got our first barrel– you’ve been on this journey with us! 

At Copper Compass Craft Distilling Co., we're deeply connected to our roots. Our distilling process honors the wisdom we’ve acquired and the values we’ve been taught. 

With humble beginnings, we’ve always followed our North Star. The trajectory of our movement has always been up. We constantly aim higher.  We go above and beyond to encourage you to move in the direction of whatever you define as your best, too. 

We are fascinated by humanity, world history and nature. We’re constantly driven to learn, educate, create and reiterate. We value community and legacy so that’s what we’re building. 

At Copper Compass Craft Distilling Co., we respect and honor our roots. We embody that with transparency through every step of the process! We love showing folks what we do and how we do it. Come along for the ride!

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Want to look around? Learn a thing or two about our distilling process? Have a sip or three of our spirits? We love serving up our premium spirits and teaching folks how we do it!


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